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“A world that works together, will be a world that works best for all of us”
— Peter & Andrea Hylands

Creative cowboy films produce documentaries, radio, books, magazines and stories about art, culture and nature around the world. Our purpose, to connect cultures around the world and create a mutual understanding of care and respect.

Creative cowboy films Art and Culture Channel
The Art and Culture Channel creates content that relates to art, design and cultural practices around the world, as we continue to produce our award-winning projects which include some of the remotest places on earth and working with some of the world’s most significant artists.  

Connecting cultures around the world, our content comes from our projects in Japan, India, Bangladesh, Korea, England, China, France, USA, Spain, Germany, Greece, Singapore, Indonesia, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Canada, Tonga and Tibet. Regions include Arnhem Land, the Torres Strait, the Rift Valley, Central Australia and Cape York and more.

Creative cowboy films Nature Knowledge Channel
The Nature Knowledge Channel is our online channel entirely dedicated to the natural world. What we have discovered as we investigate our world through camera lens, authorship and project research, is just how bad the decline in wildlife populations has been in the fifty or so years we have been working internationally. Planet Earth is now a very different place and the vast array of species that exist on our planet have fewer and fewer places of safety.