Creative cowboy films, a global new media broadcaster in film and publishing, with viewers around the globe, make documentaries and publish blogs, e-books and e-magazines about art and culture and nature. We work in some of the remotest places on earth and with some of the world’s most significant artists. 


Warning: Creative cowboy films works with Aboriginal and Islander peoples, this website and other Creative cowboy films products may therefore contain the names and images of Aboriginal and Islander people now deceased. 

The Creative cowboy films website

There are three sections to the website:

  1. CREATIVE-I TV – a subscription is required to view full-length documentaries. Two types of subscription are available, monthly for $20 per month and an annual subscription for $120. Payment is done securely and easily online by following the payment instructions once you have selected the products you wish to purchase. DVDS of our documentaries can also be purchased in this section.
  2. COWBOY BLOGS – this section is free.
  3. MAGS & BOOKS – this section is currently free but will be expanded into an e-book publishing site including titles published under our curious dodo imprint.

NEW - Creative cowboy films has begun to add ccRADIO to its blogs and this service is for the visually impaired and for those who like to listen instead of read.

NOTE: You can turn off repeat subscriptions when you subscribe or when you edit your account.


In 2010 Creative cowboy films won the best contemporary film award, Ateliers d’art de France, FIFAV Montpellier, 2010 for Gwyn Hanssen Pigott: a potters film.

In 2013 the Creative cowboy films website was nominated by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences as one of the best five websites in the world in the Public Service & Activism category for online film and in Europe for the official shortlist of the 3rd Annual Lovie Awards (European Web Awards) in both the Art and Documentary categories. On 2 October 2013 the United Nations Association UNAA selected the Creative cowboy website as one of three finalists for their online media award.

In 2013 Creative cowboy films was awarded the best film editing award (International film) by the Department of Tribal Affairs, Government of Madhya Pradesh (IFFTAC Bhopal) for the Film essays of Maasai life documentary, Keeping knowledge (number 5 of 6 documentaries in the series).

In 2015 Creative cowboy films was selected by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (New York) as an Official Honoree for its blogs on art culture and nature from around the world. In 2016 Creative cowboy films was again honoured in New York for Arahmaiani: Between the mountain and the sea.

Web matters 2017 awards

In March Creative cowboy films were recognised as Honorees in the USA’s Web Awards (Webby Awards), and voted by industry peers in the top eight Internet channels and networks, public service and activism, from all 50 US states and from 70 countries around the world.

In November Creative cowboy films wins European web awards (Lovies) for its Brexit blogs.

More info

A global ecology, Creative cowboy films is hosted in California, our design and technical development is made by our team in Amsterdam and Kosovo, our films, magazines, books and blogs are made by us in Africa, the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, our film editing and production is by our team in Australia and Japan and our audience comes from nearly every country on Earth.

Creative cowboy films' Culture counsel is composed of highly skilled artists and creative thinkers from around the world.

You can read about Creative cowboy films' Culture counsel here.

The company’s owners, Andrea and Peter Hylands, describe themselves as digital nomads who care about Planet Earth. 

Recent projects are from Japan, India, Bangladesh, Korea, England, China, France, USA, Spain, Germany, Greece, Singapore, Indonesia, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Canada, Tonga and Tibet. Regions include Arnhem Land, the Torres Strait, the Rift Valley, Central Australia and Cape York.

The design for the creative cowboy website is by TMRW, a creative studio based in Amsterdam. Kai Brethouwer, TMRW's creative director has also contributed as a photographer to Creative cowboy projects such as the Film essays of Maasai life. Jakob Laegdsmand and more recently Sprigs and our project manager Kreshnik Hasanaj, based in Amsterdam. Sprigs programming staff are also based in the Sprigs office in Kosovo.

PLEASE NOTE: All the materials on the Creative cowboy films website have been created by Andrea and Peter Hylands and their crew and all materials are the copyright and trademark of Creative cowboy films and the artists and musicians who appear on the site. In Australia only SBS and NITV have been granted a license to broadcast the material and downloads or streaming of any material provided by third party organisations have not been authorised by Creative cowboy films and as such are strictly prohibited by Andrea and Peter Hylands. As a user of the Creative cowboy films site you are of course welcome to use and study the materials directly from this site because that is why we have created it. A wealth of knowledge about our world and some of the great people who we work with.

One world of art and culture: the Creative cowboy films community in 2017

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