The master at work is an intimate portrait of the artist at work. This beautiful film of PETER CHURCHER, painting with the skill and precision for which he is famous, is a must for all those who want to know just how the painter goes about his practice.

“For me every time I look at one of those great masters, Velázquez, Goya or Rembrandt, it is like a reminder, they just remind me how it should be done"

PETER CHURCHER paints people, the street kids, the scientists, the business people, the great bredth of the characters that form the canvas of Australian society.

PETER CHURCHER receives a phone call while on holiday at the beach, can you be the next Australian war artist? In the film we discover what happened in the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan. In the film PETER also discusses his adventures in Tuscany as he paints a portrait of the painter JEFFREY SMART. 

It was during this period that PETER began to think seriously about making the move to Barcelona.

Since this film was made PETER CHURCHER has moved to Barcelona in Spain. The master at work records the period prior to PETER’s departure and gives a glimpse of the artist in his Melbourne studio during his later stages of working in Australia.

"In the old days when I would travel to Europe once every two years and cram a lot of old master looking into a few short weeks, I would try and take note of all these reminders and lessons I was learning and bring these back to Australia with me. Now because I am living in Spain I am having a more regular and continuous access.

I am being reminded of this on a more constant level and what they are basically reminding me of is, you know, that less is more, don’t fuss around with the peripheral things but get to the heart of the matter. Paint with real conviction, real acuity, with that sense of sharpness of the eye. And every time I see these pictures I am reminded of this and I can go straight back to the studio and apply it to my own practice”.