Our Learning House at Erub

We visit Erub Erwer Meta, Erub’s art centre, and speak to art centre manager Diann Lui. Elder Ken Thaiday accompanies us on this visit to the art centre and we discover one of Ken’s early dance machines in the art centre collection.

"Its foundation goes back further, evolving from Ekkilau, the island craft group"

Here we also broadcast to the Torres Strait with local radio presenter and knowledge worker Walter Lui. We speak about the joy of making films with Indigenous people and we talk about the Torres Strait and Arnhem Land and the significance of art making in both regions.

In 2008 Erub Erwer Meta became the first incorporated art centre in the Torres Strait and one of Australia’s remotest art centres. Its foundation goes back further, evolving from Ekkilau, the island craft group.

Here artists gather to work and learn new techniques from each other and from visiting artists. Like all Indigenous art centres this is an important meeting place and one that incorporates media technology at the centre including a fully equipped radio broadcasting studio. Also the centre is an important keeping place for local knowledge and culture and a place were Erubam’s (Meriam Mer people) can continue their cultural practices, arts and crafts.

Ken Thaiday Snr discovers his early dance mask

Our warm thanks to Diann and the centre's artists; Frank Mye, Ellarose Savage, Jimmy Thaiday, Sedey Stephen, Jenny Mye, Aaron Armitage, Racy Oui-Pitt, Florence Gutchen, Kapua Gutchen, Sarah Ven Hooran, Sweeney Thaiday, Emma Gela and Maryanne Bourne.