Sid Bruce Short Joe & the rainbow serpent man

Sid (Syd) Bruce Short Joe is working on his sculpture at the Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre and he tells us the story of his rainbow serpent man. At the moment I am making this rainbow serpent man. After he made everything the rainbow serpent, he goes as well, like we do. His spirit came into a man like form.

"After he went to his story place they say he sank into the earth. That is the woomera, the spear thrower. I just need to make him two spears. Give him an eyeball, probably hair, I don’t know, maybe pretty hair. I might use those colourful raffia for hair"


You can read more about Sid Bruce Short Joe in the article Totem story available in the First Nations issue of the creative-i magazine in the Books & mags section of this website.