Ruth Ngalmakarra at the Milingimbi Art and Culture Centre

Before taking us to her island homeland of Langarra Ruth Ngalmakarra tells us about the Milingimbi Art and Culture Centre and the artistic traditions of the region.

"We can't stop weaving, it makes us feel proud"

Ruth is a cultural and ceremonial leader. She is also an artist (painting and fibre art) and an executive in relation to her duties as an ANKAAA (Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists) board member and other previous board roles as well as her responsibilities at the Milingimbi Art Centre. She has worked as an administration assistant and researcher at the Elcho Island Knowledge Centre (2001- 3) and as a teacher’s aid and tutor at Milingimbi Primary School (1988 - 93).

Ruth with Andrea Hylands and children from Langarra

Here is the link to the Milingimbi Art and Culture Centre Facebook page.

SUBJECT: Aboriginal art and culture / Yolngu / Milingimbi / Langarra / Arnhem Land / Fibre art / Weaving