How it works

East Arnhem Land and we join Laklak Burarrwanga and Djawundil Maymuru at Buku-Lanrrnggay Mulka Art Centre. This is Yolngu country.

“The beginning of a season comes with a wind or a flower or the appearance of an animal or a feeling. The land tells us when there is a new season, not the calendar”

Laklak and Djawundil describe their lives and work at Bawaka. The blue sparkling sea and the white sand and lands with their stories, with their connections, with their patterns and rhythms and songlines. Here is homeland, here is language, here is nature.

Our numbers are in the land. In your way you see your mathematics in a book, our numbers, our mathematics are in the land that we can see and we can walk. It is the knowledge. The language is strong because of the land. The language comes from the land.

Djawundil (left) and Laklak

We have one law, we do not change. In your world you change every day, every year. Our law we don’t change, because one law. We don’t change.

Laklak, Djawundil and family’s book, Welcome to my country, is published by Allen & Unwin.