Billy Doolan: New Territories 新的疆域

At the end of April 2014 Bwgcolman elder and artist Billy Doolan travelled to Hong Kong to begin a residency at the Hong Kong Institute of Education and so begins a journey of friendship and of sharing culture with Chinese friends.

"We were nature, we are the true children of the earth. The land is everything, it is a language, it is a song, it is a dance"

Later in the year Billy will return to Hong Kong to exhibit the series of paintings he will create, works inspired by his residency.

2014年4月底,Bwgcolman elder 和艺术家 Billy Doolan 动身去香港,开始入驻香港教育学院,由此开始了与中国朋友友谊和文化共享的旅程。Billy 今年年末还将再次回到香港,展出在入驻期间创作的一系列作品。


Billy Doolan - After the rain - Acrylic on linen - Diptych 202.5 X 87.5 each panel - 2005

The Hong Kong journey builds on previous international success. Five years ago Billy travelled to Sicily, exhibiting works there as well as participating in UNESCO’s world heritage listing of Mt Etna as a site of heritage. This earlier international exploration began a deep relationship between Billy and the Italian Institute of Culture from which grew a solo show Between sky and sea at the Institute’s Melbourne home. This was followed with the contribution by Billy of a further 22 works to a major exhibition of Australian Indigenous art at the MAN Museum in Sardinia.

这次香港的旅程建立在之前国际合作成功的基础上。2009年 Billy 前往西西里,展出作品的同时也参加了将 Mt Etna 加入联合国教科文组织世界遗产名录的活动。这些早期的国际合作活动加深了Billy和意大利文化学院的联系,也以此发展出了一场在学院的墨尔本驻地的个人展览:在天空和海洋之间,以及在撒丁岛的 MAN 博物馆举行的一次关于澳洲原住民艺术的展览中额外的22件作品。

The Sardinian exhibition gave Billy the opportunity to teach Italian school children about Aboriginal art and culture.

这些都让 Billy 得以将原住民艺术和文化介绍给意大利的学生们。

We were keen to catch up with Billy before he departed on his new journey. In this clip Billy talks about his visit to Hong Kong, his work and culture, his concern for the environment and nature and his hopes for a return to Palm Island and the development of a new art centre there.

我们非常期待与在Billy离开前与他的会面。在这段影片中 Billy 谈论了他即将开始的旅行,他的作品和文化,对环境和自然的忧虑以及他对回到 Palm Island 建立一个新的艺术中心的希望。

Our warm thanks to Hans Sip, Billy’s representative, and Gary Chan, a friend to us all.

非常感谢 Hans Sip, Billy 的经纪人和 Gary Chan.

Themes: Indigenous leadership, environment and crossing cultures