More than thirty years have passed since we first crossed the sandy riverbed and drove through the ‘front gate’ and into Utopia.

“Through the Utopia front gate and we take the track to the small outstation where we are working. Here there are traditional bush shelters and a largely traditional life of hunting and gathering”

Utopia, an area of just under 2,000 square kilometres to the North East of Alice Springs, is semi-arid desert country inhabited by Aboriginal people. In the early days of the Utopia contemporary art movement ANGELINA PWERLE was one of a group of women who produced batik.

She was also a participating artist in A summer project, the seminal event that inspired the first Utopia canvases painted in the summer of 1988-89.

Bill Nuttall first discovered Angelina’s work in 1993 when he came across a sculpture that took his breath away, the sculpture was by Angelina. Here Bill speaks about Angelina and his long-term relationship with this significant contemporary artist.