Afzalpur Village: Chars journey

The waters of the Jamuna and Padma Rivers have fallen steadily over the last few weeks. It is no longer possible to come here by boat as the river edge is now several hundred meters away.

"The chars are areas of sedimentation that may form islands or be precariously attached to the riverbank"

GoPro journey: What it looks like, the return journey to Gollchakkar

We travel on motorbikes along the raised and narrow pathways between the fields. We drive through a small forest, suddenly we leave the forest, the dappling light becomes bright now, intensified by the yellow sand of the riverbed.

We navigate our way through the sand, sometimes hard, sometimes our wheels break the sand’s surface and it is time to get off and push the bike. Then back out of the riverbed as we travel down narrow pathways once more, through fields, past cattle and goats, past the beautiful village houses made from woven panels, thatch and iron sheets, each with their ‘haystacks’ of rice straw.

Andrea Hylands, Jamuna River (photo Mat Pritchard)

The bright sunlight illuminates Afzalpur Village. The annual village fair is in progress. The villagers have come together to celebrate the success the villagers have had in improving their livelihoods since help came from the United Kingdom and Australia.

SUBJECT: Chars Livelihoods Programme / CLP / Chars / Bangladesh / Aid / Sustainability